La Jolla's Little Hero

Text by Gilles Clavel,
illustrated in monochrome by Annie Clavel,
translated from French by Gregory C. Richter

adults and children aged 10 and over
44 pages - $9.50




How This Short Story Starts

He is not born yet, but he already has a name: Ekswai.
Not born yet: where is he? In his mother’s belly.

Because you don’t remember anything about your intrauterine life, do you think you had no awareness then?
Don’t you believe it!

Ekswai can already talk and he shows an amazing cultural knowledge.
Even though he is isolated from the external world, he manages to get informed about things which are far out of reach for him: he has found a way to explore the world wide web, whenever his mother is surfing on the Internet.

And Ekswai will need all his talents to face Adrénaline, the dreadful sorceress of La Jolla.

Will the help of the Internet and the wise advices of his Placenta help Ekswai to fight the powers of Adrénaline? And does Ekswai really want to defeat the sorceress?

Read this story and find out many things you never knew about, fetuses, eternal life, and more!




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