Question And Answers About "Worlds"
(How Gilles Clavel handled the writing project)
What is your book about?
Well, before I answer that, let me tell you first how the book got started.
Right: how did you start?
I had a story — a very short one — which I wrote a few years ago and which was never published. That story was inspired by how we sometimes think the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
In this story, a brilliant young French woman, who has just successfully graduated from one of the best universities of Paris, happens to get to the other side of that fence. And what occurs is not what she would expect, nor what the reader would have expected.
The story ends with an unanswered question: Is there ever another side? The title is “Life is Somewhere Else”.
Is this one of the stories in your book?
Yes. Now back to my new book. At the end of 2013, I was reading again “Life is Somewhere Else”, and I asked myself: “What if I wrote about this somewhere else, this elsewhere?” That’s how I started thinking about how we can escape from our world. By “escaping”, I mean getting a different view of this world. A view which would dispel the greyness of everyday life and even overthrow the tyranny of Time, which turns any success or failure into dust.
So I decided to keep “Life is Somewhere Else” as the beginning of my next book. Then I wrote another short story where Brian, an old man living in California, explains how he can use the transport of all the passions of his life to gain a feeling of eternity. This is the second story, a very short one too, and the title is a question: “Love — or Loves?
If you read it you will discover that Brian’s passions were very diverse and that the plural of “love” does not mean he was unfaithful to Summer, the love of his life.
And after that story?
I retained the word passion from the previous story and decided to concentrate on the passion between a man and a woman. That’s how I started another story, which was initially intended to be a third novella, but which turned out to become a 160-page novel with the title “From One World to Another”. I decided to keep it in the same publication and named the whole book “Worlds”.
So, now I can answer your initial question: “What is my book about?”
What is it about?
I’d like to explain what you will find in the main part of the book, “From One World to Another”, but without disclosing the plot — so you can still enjoy it, if you read the story.
You will probably agree with me if I say that sometimes love can make us forget where we are and what we are. My story tells how the two main characters, Karen and Mark, do even more by leaving their world to find themselves in a new one, a parallel universe.
The famous contemporary physicist Stephen Hawking supports the idea that there is an infinity of parallel universes, meaning that a person would have two different lives in two of these worlds, but could never switch from one to the other. In my story, however, this is what Karen and Mark do — and this gives them the ability to challenge the power of Time.
So this is a science-fiction story?
Yes and no: this is not just another science-fiction story. I am using science fiction to tell a love story where people create new worlds through the power of love. These people discover the freedom of breaking the usual flow of time, but also struggle against the unexpected side effects.
Let’s hope that Karen and Mark succeed in reaching the right world for the life they want to build together.