“Worlds”       2: Life is Somewhere Else  (excerpt)

How will Sabina deal with the Devil?


Sabina was twenty-two when, on a street corner in Paris, she met the Devil.

A brilliant student at a respected engineering school, she could look forward to a comfortable life: an interesting career, a good salary, a partner who didn’t think men were made to command women, one or more children – certainly well-behaved, and a vacation in the sun every year.

But Sabina longed for the unexpected, and the life she saw presenting itself seemed monotonous, dull, without horizons. She looked into other things without really knowing what she wanted. To get the better of her dissatisfaction, she systematically took up a contrary role toward the established order. She was disgusted by every injustice; no social system suited her. At twenty-two, she dreamed of changing the world.

What could be easier for the Devil than to suggest an alternative to a dissatisfied young woman? Sabina was easy prey. Nevertheless, she had a very materialistic view of the world – one which did not prepare her to accept the intrusion of the supernatural into her life. In short, she did not believe in the Devil — and that is why he approached her with a certain number of precautions.

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