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Worlds is the most recent book published in English by Gilles Clavel.
It is a collection of two short stories and a novel, where love and time contend with each other.

Gilles Clavel initially wrote these texts in French, in Long Beach, California.
He wanted the book to appear at the same time in both languages in tribute to this open and endearing country, America, where he has been living since 2007.

The English version is edited by Gregory C. Richter.

Quelques uns des livres écrits par Gilles Clavel

Paradise Has Disappeared

D'un monde à l'autre


Par delà nos ailleurs

Contes de Californie

Les cheveux d'or

Fleur de vie

Introduction à la programmation, t. 1, 2 et 3
(Masson ed, 1980 - 88)

Java la synthèse
(Dunod ed, 1994 - 98 )

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